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E-volution is the scientific explanation of how computers came to exist, and is the one true fact. Its archrival, "Computer Science", claims that computers were designed by an "Intelligent Engineer".

E-volution explains that computers gradually and slowly e-volved from simple, useless forms to more advanced and powerful forms, as has been practically proven by years of scientific study as the following proof plainly shows. The problem with "Computer Science" is that there is no evidence of any kind of higher being known as the "Intelligent Engineer" which is alleged to have created computers and specifically manipulated them so that they would advance in power to what we have today.

Proof of E-volution:

  1. Assume that computers were "Intelligently Engineered".
  2. Then there should be an "Intelligent Engineer" somewhere.
  3. I don't see any "Intelligent Engineer" anywhere, and neither has anyone else.
  4. No scientific test can be designed to show the existence of this alleged "Intelligent Engineer".
  5. Therefore, computers never were "Intelligently Engineered", proof by contradiction, Q.E.D.

Criticisms of E-volution:

  1. There is no current known mechanism for computers to be able to either reconfigure or reproduce themselves on their own, casting doubt on their ability to graduate from simple to complex forms.
  2. The "Proof of E-volution" assumes that any Intelligent Engineer should be perceptible in the world around us, that no one has encountered an Intelligent Engineer at any point in time, and that no test can or will ever be able to provide proof of an Intelligent Engineer's existance.